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A hopeful creative who believes you can build a conscious product brand that brings the success you define for the life you want.

I remember sitting in my apartment as a senior in collage about to graduate in just a few short days. My fiancé was driving across the country from North Carolina where he just finished his 5 year service in the Marine Corps and we were getting married within a month. Our lives were finally joining together as one and I’d been so wrapped up in the wedding plans, my senior art show, weaving all the things before graduation, hanging out with friends, and getting to see my fiancé I hadn’t seen in months.

I paused and thoughts started flooding in, I don’t have a job lined up. What do you even do with an art degree? Can I make money making things? I don’t even have a loom or a place to put one even though my dream is hand weaving all the things. Did college prepare me for real life at all?

That was 10 years ago and I have learned a lot about those questions concerning if you can make money hand making goods and how. Through a few God ordained connections, (networking can be powerful) I landed a job for a new creative handmade start up. I was brought on first as a maker, then the manager, soon I was helping prep the owners for their airing on Shark Tank! We were one of the few businesses featured on Shark Tank that did 100% of production in house. (And in case you’re wondering, oh yes, we got a deal!) Before I could blink I became an integral part of growing and scaling this handmade business into straight up success.

My beginnings and love for handmade


The simple moments, time in the ocean, good jeans, Spotify, local shops and really good friends.

Learning how a handmade business can scale 

I had a front seat and my hand in almost every aspect of the business. Making, product development, systems, shipping, packaging, customer service, wholesale management, wholesale trade exhibitions, photography, graphics, social media, website maintenance, hiring and managing employees, managing freelancers, sourcing materials just to name a few ;) 

Insert Marketing

I then went on to be the marketing director for another even more successful handmade company and did a lot of learning on the job which proved to be so clarifying to dig in and seeing what works, what doesn’t, what feels genuine, honest and transparent and what isn't so much. I found I love marketing for what it simply can be, a relationship, and realized how misunderstood it is in the handmade world.

You may view marketing reserved for larger companies with teams and lots of money. That’s how I previously thought about it. But I approach marketing differently for those of us who don’t necessarily want huge teams and our businesses are actually personal brands that are extensions of ourselves and our creativity. But really no matter what business it is, marketing is this: attracting those that value your goods and repelling those that don’t. 




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