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Do you ever wonder what efficiency really looks like for a creative, multi-passionate person like you? You know you want to believe that systems & ease are possible but maybe you're not quite sold...

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Where I lay it all out and give you a behind the scenes look at how I went from SCATTERED to STREAMLINED  in my life and business.

5 years ago I was having a hard conversation with my boss about not living up to the work I was being paid to do because I wasn't being efficient with my new part time role and full time role as a new mom. I thought about quitting but the work I was doing mattered to me just as I know yours does for you, so I figured it out. I found things that worked and started hearing things like "you did all that?" and "I don't know what you're doing but keep doing it." I had to again adjust when baby #2 came around and I put all my energy into my handwoven business and then again when I turned Studio Shepherd into the consultancy & community it is today. 

September 29th at 9:30am PST

let's be real.

there is no one size fits all

And you've most likely heard some of what I'm going to share in the class but then again so had I. So why was I able to start streamlining my life and business now? Part of it was timing and a huge piece of it was community and seeing real people doing the things I wanted to do and more importantly living an intentional life doing things that mattered to them, a life I wanted too. Sure this class is free but it could be, and I hope it is, the kickstart to making simple steps toward a more streamlined, easeful life and business. 

I believe you're here reading this today for a reason. We've somehow connected at such a time as this in your life and business. I'd love to see you in the class LIVE 9/29 at 9:30am PST (replay available)

In this free class:


+ gain clarity for yor own business

+ get a BTS look at what makes my life easier

+ learn how i set myself up to scale so you can too

+ gain specific proven efficiencies 

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Nataley has extremely helpful content. Even down to the simple stuff, 

SHE gets the world we live in.

- heather, H.Jo.Co. Soapworks



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