Holistic strategies & systems for building a lifestyle-led, sustainable & scalable product based business 

Create a business that brings in consistent sales, gives you freedom to innovate, and does more good for the world.

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are you looking for more for your life & biz?

Maybe you are wondering is this how it has to be? Your days are moving past you, your constantly moving and yet the numbers don't reflect it.

You started your conscious brand because you love creating, you're a visionary and want to make a difference in the world - it wasn't about the money but there comes a time after churning and burning when you ask, is this even worth it?

Or maybe you now have A LOT to keep up, a good problem to have right? But the freedom you were promised feels so far away and the same question still comes up, is this worth it? 

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but you still feel like there's more for you

Despite these feelings you still have so many BIG beautiful ideas rolling around in your brain waiting for you to snag one and bring it to fruition.

And the world NEEDS those big ideas of yours, desperately. But the thought of even taking the first step of these ideas feels impossible.

What is even the first step? How am I going to add yet another thing to my plate? Is this idea even the *right* idea to pursue? Not to mention will it be well received by my customers?

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+ lost trying to figure out the next step forward

+ like there's no other way

+ out of control

what if instead of feeling...

+ like your business is a well-oiled machine

+ knowledgeable in the possibilities & know how to execute your big ideas & mission

+ confident knowing what you do today is moving you toward your bigger vision

you could feel...


the program to make it possible...

The Streamlined Studio

These are all the strategies, systems and workflows that I've collected, refined, tested to build a sustainable, lifestyle-led brand and I'm now passing them on to you. I once was under the impression freedom meant no planning, keeping things open *just in case.* Now I'm saying, "just in case for what? Your dreams to pass you by because you had an unhealthy relationship with words like plan, system or commitment?" 

Helping a brand get accepted, prepped and manage the hype of being on Shark Tank opened my eyes to possibilities for you and me to be wildly successful. I also knew I wanted an "off the grid"(ish) kind of lifestyle and I only wanted to work 15-20 hours a week and be the primary caregiver for my 2yr old and 4 yr old. 

Many said choose. I chose to streamline.

- nataley, creator

A 6 week course + group program hybrid. You get weekly live support calls as you implement what you learn in the pre-recorded lessons & you get the content for life. A win-win all around.

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"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.

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- monique, model


Working with Nataley was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Her background in marketing both online and with social media is invaluable. And because she built her own from the ground up

SHE understands the specific struggles we face.

- emily, blackburn goods

Here's what we'll cover inside The Streamlined studio

module 1: 

want something like that?

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brand strategy

+ Mindset
+ Vision casting a life giving business model
+ Building the brand

module 2: 

business strategy

+ goals & possibilities
+ project planning
+ product mapping & scaling
+ ideal customer

module 3: 

time management systems

+ prioritizing
+ batching for efficiency
+ weekly sprints

module 4: 

marketing systems

+ customer journey
+ content marketing
+ marketing initiatives & workflows

next steps

I'd have to say close to priceless, right? let me help you get there

One time payment




An $1800 value

4 no-fluff modules guiding you every step of the way (value $350)

Printable studio workbook filled with exercises, prompts, & sheets you'll be using on the daily (value $50)

Six 60 min live calls with me and the other studio members (replays available) to get ALL your q's answered (value $1200)

Spreadsheets, spreadsheets, spreadsheets! Pricing calc, profit planner, ideal customer, & content creation spreadsheets with video walkthroughs (value $200)

Exclusive slack community for our 6 weeks together with access to myself and other studio members to ask questions, share our wins, & be in community (value priceless)

What's the cost of clarity, confidence, & freedom in your lifestyle-led business?


Normally $497

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Payment Plan


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2 payments of

I’m so grateful for Nataley, she helps me power through the hard parts. She’s helped our branding, website, email content etc. More than that she’s put in the hard work for us and our business. Even when we aren’t working on a specific project,

she’s still there by my side cheering me on!

- mel, the makerage



When will I have access to the program?


Immediately after purchase you'll have access to the entire program. There will be a schedule included with information on the Live calls kicking off 1/19/2022


I’m already strapped for time. How long will it take to go through the studio modules?


The recommended schedule accounts for 2 hours each week of lesson & implementation. You will have lifetime access so can go as quick or slow as you'd like


Do I need to already have started my business to be successful with the content?


Having 6 months - 1 year of your business under your belt helps to set solid systems & strategies quicker but this absolutely will help newbies get started with the best foot forward.

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